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We are going to launch the new AML for CSA system.  If you are on our CSA contact list, we will send you an email and ask if you are interested to know more about the system.  If you do,

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Change of Registrar of Companies

We have just changed the name of the Registrar of Companies to Kitty L C Tsui (formerly Ada Chung).  We would like to express our appreciation to Ms. Shirley Yuen of Golden China Consultants Limited, for notifying for our mistake.

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Success in Getting Funding

Its nice to have the 60% funding from TPV or the $100,000 grant on Distant Business Program.  Many of our new CSA and CPAnywhere users have applied for those funding with success.  Initially, it takes about 6 months to a

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Survey: 5 most popular functions of CPAnywhere

Recently, we had conducted a survey among our CPAnywhere users on their most used functions. The results are presented here: 1. Time sheet by date 2. Job assignment 3. Leave application 4. Invoice maintenance 5. Correspondence

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Thank you note!

Dear P&L user: We would like to say thank you to the wonderful people who had volunteered their time and effort in suggesting better ways to use the CSA Expert system and CPAnywhere, practice management system. Polly Sin and Sarah

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Phobos ransomware alert!

Yesterday, one of our CSA users has experienced the attack by the new phobos ransomware.  Almost all files in the file server as well as local stations are being encrypted.  The thief demands payment of 20 million dollars in order

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File Upload Compression

In order to reduce the file size of the file upload in CPAnywhere, we have added the file compression feature in File Upload. The system would automatically compressed the file into a zip file and add a password protect before

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New AR Report

During the last two weeks, we have been completely revised the Accounts Receivable Aging Report by taking care of the negative balances that may be the result of the Credit Note, One Payment for Several Invoices, Overpayment but put in

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Quotation and A/P

Quotation:  We are going to work on the Quotation Function and to rewrite the Prospective Customer as requested by many users.  The way to work is simple.  We will use the present Customer, Job and Billing as the base and

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新聞稿: 美國中期選舉如何影響美中關係的未來? 試做一天美國人,試用c123 應用程式來模擬投票! 香港 – 2018年10月31日新聞稿: 美國中期選舉如何影響美中關係的未來? 現狀 眾議院(435個席位):任期2年 • 民主黨人193席 • 共和黨人235席 • 空缺7席 所有席位都可供選舉 參議院(100個席位)任期6年 • 民主黨人47席 • 共和黨人51席 • 獨立人士2席 35個席位可供選舉 模擬分析 如果民主黨同時贏得了眾議院和參議院 • 代表了過去兩年特朗普的政策完全不受歡迎。 • 特朗普連任的機會將會減低。 • 特朗普在貿易爭端中對中國施加的壓力將會減輕。 • 范士丹 (Dianne Feinstein) 將成為參議院內反特朗普勢力的領導者。 如果民主黨贏得了眾議院,但失去了參議院 •

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