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“AML for CSA” is a system used to manage the tasks imposed upon by the “Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing Ordinance” (cap.615) and other relevant legislations. 

Each time when you need to use the system to conduct KYC, Risk-based Approach CDD, or sanction checks, the system would retrieve the necessary data from CSA Expert automatically.

Privacy and Efficiency:

Your client’s privacy is of utmost importance.  By using AML for CSA for sanction or PEP checks, you prevent the chance of disclosing your clients’ information to outside agencies through public websites during the search.

Also, the system makes use of your existing data of CSA Expert and avoids any unnecessary inputting of the same information.
This is especially effective in monthly or weekly sanction checks as well as client current status profiles that are part of the KYC or Risk-based Approach CDD reports.
The standard document templates that we have provided are for reference only.

You need to review them carefully and alter if necessary before final use. Since AML for CSA is an open system, you can incorporate your own document templates into the system.

For your own existing “compliance manual”, please contact us to see if we could import that to the system for you to save your time.

Although AML for CSA is a separate software, it makes use of the master files of CSA Expert to construct its internal data, therefore you must have CSA Expert at the same time.

Users must also start AML for CSA from within CSA Expert to ensure that the user is authorized to use the data of CSA Expert.

AML for CSA is a separate software system, and its executable file must be resided in the computer of the user.

Therefore you need to acquire a separate license for the AML for CSA.
The mode is a combination of software license and service subscription.

License fee:

It is a one-time fee to be paid with your first subscription to the service.

Service fee:

It is on monthly basis, payable every 3 months, and is subject to the number of users subscribed.

Except for the Order Form and the License Agreement, you don’t need to sign up any service contract.


For the sake of convenience and to save your administrative resources, we will only issue a bill to users every three months, which covers the cost of the three service months.

If you stop subscribing to the service, you will not be able to do new tasks.

However, you can still use AML for CSA to see and retrieve your past records, including Sanction Check, Wanted-list Check, KYC, CDD, and Training.
Most likely.

The system only supports the latest data structure of CSA Expert.

Please make sure that you are keeping the most up-to-date version of CSA Expert before using AML for CSA.
The minimum system requirement is very simple.

It just needs two things:

CSA Expert latest version and Microsoft SQL Server Express 2017 or above.
It is because the 2017 or above versions of Microsoft SQL Server support the technologies that AML for CSA uses.

All you need to do is to download the free version from Microsoft and install it according to their instructions.
Order Form:

Please choose number of users
(you can change it in the future),
intended starting date,
and the options for our installation service.

First payment:

Please send the Order Form with the cheque payment to us.

We will set up your account and arrange for the installation with you.

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