Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

P & L receives or collects information when we operate and provide our Services, including when you install, access, or use our Services.

Information You Provide

Your Account information.  You provide your email address to create a contact information.  You provide us the phone numbers in your mobile address book on a regular basis, including those of both the users of our Services and your other contacts.  You confirm you are authorized to provide us such numbers.  You may also add other information to your account, such as profile name, profile picture, and status message.

Your Messages.  We do not retain your messages in the ordinary course of providing our Services to you.  Once your message (including your chats, photos, videos, voice messages, files and share location information) are delivered, they are deleted from our servers.  Your messages are stored on your own device.  You have the option of saving your messages in our servers for up to 30 days.  After that, we will delete all messages.  If a message cannot be delivered immediately, we may keep it on our servers for up to 30 days as we try to deliver it.  If a message is still undelivered after 30 days, we delete it.  To improve performance and deliver media messages more efficiently, such as when many people are sharing a popular photo or video, we may retain that content on our servers for a longer period of time.

Customer Support.  You may provide us with information related to your use of our Services, including copies of your messages, and how to contact you so we can provide you customer support.

Automatically Collected Information

Usage and Log Information.  We collect service-related, diagnostic, and performance information.  This includes information about your activity (such as how you use our Services, how you interact with others using our Services, and the like), log files, and diagnostic, crash, website, and performance logs and reports.

Device and Connection Information.  We collect device-specific information when you install, access, or use our Services.  This includes information such as hardware model, operating system information, browser information, IP address, mobile network information including phone number, and device identifiers.

Cookies.  We use cookies to operate and provide our Services, including to provide our Services that are web-based, improve your experiences, understand how our Services are being used, and customize our Services.

Status Information.  We collect information about your online and status message changes on our Services, such as whether you are online, when you last used our Services, and when you last updated your status messages.

AML Private Database

The use of the AML Private database is restricted only to current AML for CSA users, hereafter as “user”. User can search, share, add, or edit the AML Private database. The sole purpose of the AML Private database is to make it easier for practitioners to comply with the PEP identification requirements. The growth of the database is based on the participation of user in adding to the politically connected persons information into the database. The setting up of the database is just for the convenience of user to share and to store PEP’s data for record keeping purpose. We have no control on the accuracy of the information stored in the AML Private database. Therefore, we assume no legal responsblity on the content of the AML Private database. Again, this database is not open to public. No one can access to the database without the premission of the current user or P & L Associates.