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CSA Expert offers a complete solution.

With just a few keystrokes, the system can produce a complete set of documents (various forms, letters and minutes, etc.) that are specified, customized, or ordinarily necessary to finish the task.

For example,

if you want to process a Transfer of Shares transaction, after inputting the necessary information, the system will produce for you instantly the following set of documents either in English or Chinese format:
01· Document Index

02· Job Procedure Checklist

03· Covering Letter to the Client

04· Notice of Intended Sale

05· Waiver of Pre-emptive Rights

06· Bought and Sold Note

07· Instrument of Transfer

08· Declaration of Trust (if applicable)

09· Share Certificate for the Transferee

10· Nominee’s Instrument of Transfer (if applicable)

11· Letter to the Stamp Office, IRD

12· Minute of Meeting or Written Resolution

The Document Output Control Center for each Job:

Documents can be generated as separate files, or as a single file containing the full set of documents for easy management:

Not only do you get a complete set of documents either in English or Chinese (Traditional or Simplified) in no time, but you can also preview them or make minor modifications on screen before printing them out.

Except for specified forms, all document templates are customizable. 

You can make your own ones that are tailored to your own specifications out of our pre-loaded standard templates.

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