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HR Service Center

In a physical HR Service Center, you need to plan for its space layout: service counter, considerable file cabinets, manager’s room, general staff’s working area, etc.  In a virtual service center environment, you still need HR staff doing other jobs on their own desks, and the manager to oversee the department in his or her own office.  But the service counter now becomes the web portal.  The implementation of a virtual service center means that standard procedures (such as application-approval transactions) are now handled through the Internet, directly between staff and line managers, and staff to his own records.

CPAnywhere is the centerpiece of your HR Service Center, and is under the control of your own HR staff.  They are put in charge of formulating policies and the smooth operation of the system, not the tedious flow of papers that used to be error-prone.  Moreover, because the tedious paperwork has been greatly reduced, it is possible that a centralized HR department to handle all branches’ matters without the need of setting up HR sub-divisions in each office or locality.

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