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CPAnywhere and the HR Service Center CPAnywhere

The Human Resources Department (“HR”) is operating as an individual unit, apart from other departments, with the reason that it provides services across the whole organization.  It is the centralized location where transactions and inquiries of employees from all departments are handled.

Interaction with Employees without Automation

If an employee wants to know about his annual leave balance, he would need to call the HR to get that information.  If an employee changed his address or earned an additional educational qualification, he would need to notify the HR in person so that the HR can change his personnel record.  So, without automation, there will be a constant physical interaction between HR and employees.  Because of the confidentiality nature of the personnel record and salary information, HR becomes a mysterious and isolated place within an organization.

Identifying Service Nature

In order to enhance the efficiency of the HR Department and better serve their “customers” (the employees), you need to first identify the nature of the HR service.

  • Time clock records
  • Determination of lateness
  • In and out logbook
  • Handling of absence
  • Annual leave application and approval
  • Sick leave or other leaves application and approval
  • Overtime application and approval
  • Evaluate over-time actual performance
  • Maintain salaries table and history
  • Retirement plan, MPF, or provident fund
  •  External reporting (e.g. IRD)

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