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System Security

System security is our most important concern.  There are different levels of risks:

  • Unauthorized access to the system
  • Loss of data
  • Loss of Internet connection

Unauthorized Access to the System

We have designed CPAnywhere to meet the most stringent requirements in the industry’s needs, and offer security measures to keep track of all important activities, provide audit trails, and multiple password controls. In access control, the system has horizontal security measures to limit what one can do with an entire group of functions or an individual function. In vertical security, an employee with a lower level of security clearance would not be able to see anything above the higher-level employee’s information even though that employee has the right to that function. The system can also keep track of almost all activities of each individual user. It records anyone who had viewed, amended, or downloaded through the system any information about a Job, a Client, or other data to ensure the data’s safety.

Loss of Data

We choose the industry-standard Microsoft SQL server as the main database engine to handle this complex system, and encourage users to adopt a “double on-site” and “double off-site” data security plan. By installing a mirror disk in the Internet server, NAS (Network-attached Storage) onsite, and at least one off-site, you can rest assured that your data will be well protected. If there is anything happens to your Internet server, you can set up another server and dump the latest backup copy to that server and let the system run again.

Loss of Internet Connection

If there is any interruption to your Internet connection for whatever reason, you can switch the system back to the local intranet, running like a LAN (local area network) program, and continue your work within your office. This arrangement combines the practicality of a local network and the versatility of the Internet connection, as long as the software, the Internet server, and the database engine are all at your own location and under your complete control.

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