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To achieve the objectives foresaid,

it is critical to select a suitable software system based on the following criteria:

✅The Software Itself

Ease of Use

The layout of the system should be straightforward and easy to understand. 


No hard training should be needed.


The system can produce all the necessary statutory forms, letters, minutes, etc. as a single set of documents for each job at the touch of a few buttons in a logical manner.


System functions should be practical enough for a typical company secretarial professional to handle most aspects of his or her daily routines with ease. 


In addition, sufficient user-customizable features should be provided to fit individual users’ specifications.


The system should be able to cope with the ever-expanding demands of modern firms and corporations in their web of connections among different jurisdictions, including but not limited to the Greater China Region. 


Therefore the system should have the capability of accepting inputs and producing documents in different languages and their true native formats for presentation to clients and different authorities.

User Base

The system should have a large user base, and be widely adopted by fellow practitioners.

✅The Developer Behind the Software

Local Support

The developer should be rooted locally, with the presence of real technical support staff for real-time response to users’ inquiries and problems.

Practice Support

The developer should be sensitive enough to follow up on relevant changes in local legislation. 


In addition, they would be able to support users on practice issues (such as sharing their understanding of law provisions), and not merely on computer matters.


The developer should have a strong commitment to the continuous growth and maintenance of the system.

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