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About CSA

The system includes the best knowledge in practice


CSA, the company secretarial software since 1990, represents a solution for company secretarial professionals in their everyday dealing with the stringent and ever-changing requirements imposed by corporate laws, regulations and different practices in various jurisdictions. 

CSA utilizes the most advanced information technologies to achieve various objectives; such as increasing productivity of statutory documents processing, reducing repetitive routines, and to manage corporate information more effectively through centralized database. 

Starting from 1990, P & L Associates has introduced the CSA Professional version to CPAs, lawyers and company secretarial professionals. Since then, several new versions and numerous frequent updates had been released in response to users’ comments and suggestions as well as to cope with the relevant legislative changes. In order to find a solution to the changing landscape of the present-day’s large and small corporations that may cover the entire Greater China region as well as some offshore countries, P & L Associates has conducted many researches and studies on the related jurisdictions and complex share structures. The conclusion is to develop an entirely new system that can handle the complexity of those corporations’ needs. This entirely new 32 bits system adopts the use of the Microsoft SQL database engine for its security and portability. Although the system more complex, it still inherit the fine tradition of the CSA Professional for its user-friendliness and easy-to-use interface.

Basically, we can say that CSA Expert is the administrative layer above the features that are being offered in the existing CSA Professional Plus. It is this layer that needs a more flexible system skeleton, more complex data structure, and more robust data query engine to handle a variety of newly added master files and job functions for effective corporate information management. At the same time, CSA Expert still inherits the fine tradition of CSA Professional Plus for its user-friendliness and easy-to-follow interfaces

Features Highlight

1. CSA Expert has 5 pre-defined jurisdictions: Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Macau and B.V.I.

2. All these jurisdictions came with complete lists of standard company types, and are ready-to-use. Users can also add their custom jurisdictions by use of our comprehensive well-matched functions, including custom company types, custom document templates, as well as user-defined fields.

3. Support unlimited overseas registrations for a single company. For examples, a Non-Hong Kong Company registered in Hong Kong, or a Foreign Company registered in Taiwan.

4. Support unlimited Classes of Shares and Branch Register of Shareholders for a single company. Registered capital can also be used together with or in lieu of share capital.

5. CSA Expert records the composition and basic information of committees in accordance with their term of reference.

6. Bilingual screen and data structure (English and Traditional Chinese).

7. Trilingual data input / output and document templates (English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese).

8. Support Hong Kong characters and foreign languages by Unicode.

9. Support E-Filing

The above is just a small parts of what CSA can do. Want to know more? Please contact us at to get the full feature list and arrange a demonstration.

System Requirements

Processor 2GHz processor or higher
Memory 4GB RAM or higher
Free Disk Space Program: 1GB for application files and document templates (exclude generated document and user customized document templates)
Database: 15GB minimum;
(5GB for SQL Server and its components;
10MB for system and pre-defined data;
15MB for 100 clients’ records with 5 year history of transaction)
(exclude backup, image data; no limit on number of record for all data types)
Operating System Windows 7 or above
Display 1920 x 1080 or higher resolution monitor
Other Co-operating Programs Microsoft Word 2010 or above (for generating documents and reports)
Microsoft Excel 2010 or above (for generating organizational chart)
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (R2) or above
(for data storage; default collation: SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS )
# Microsoft Office Started is NOT supported
## If  you will also install another system “AML for CSA”, please note that it requires SQL Server 2017 or above.
Hardlock Device One of the followings:
– external USB


CSA’s license fee is a One-time License Fee that it only keeps track of the number of concurrent users, but has no limitation on the number of companies you can maintain in the system.

Single-User License License Fee (HKD)
Single-User Master License Upon request
Network-User License License Fee (HKD)
3 users Upon request
5 users Upon request
10 users Upon request
15 users Upon request
20 users Upon request
25 users Upon request
30 users Upon request
35 users Upon request
40 users Upon request
45 users Upon request
50 users Upon request
Optional Setup Service Service Charge (HKD)
  Upon request
Data Conversion (Third-party Source) Service Charge (HKD)
  Upon request
Additional User Training (Per Session) Service Charge (HKD)
  Upon request
Annual Maintenance Service Charge (HKD)
Annual Maintenance 15% of the license fee

(Effective from January 2022)

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