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In proposing CSA to you,

we try to stand from the side of a user to judge the usability of a software system. 

In conclusion, we suggested that any prospective user should look closely at the following issues:

Is the software easy to use?

CSA basic flows follow the Hong Kong system of practice.

It is so easy to use that even college students without work experience can learn it in a few hours.

How large is its user base?

CSA has the largest user base of its kind in Hong Kong.

That can easier to recruit experienced users, thus reducing the cost of staff training.

Does technical support services provide locally?

We are rooted in Hong Kong and maintain our support team here so as to provide a real-time and direct response to our users’ requests and problems.

Do they deliver timely information on law changes to users?

We have been updating the system on relevant changes in law and regulation right before their implementations,

and publishing notices and guidelines to prepare users for those changes.

Does the software support the use in Greater China Region?

In addition to popular jurisdictions,

CSA also has built-in features for PRC, Taiwan, and Macau companies as well as document templates in both traditional and simplified Chinese.

What is the developer’s commitment to the future of the software?

P & L Associates was founded with the commitment to provide the most reliable company secretarial software in Hong Kong.

We kept that commitment for the last 30 years and still going strong.

Do they have
“pre-trained” education for users?

So far, over 5,000 students have successfully completed their training on CSA basic concept in different higher educational institutions since 1998.

We believe that CSA has all the answers and solutions to these questions.

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