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Automatic Journal Entry

We believe that most journal entries can be generated automatically as the event happened. Therefore, we have incorporated a unique function in the system called Automatic Journal Entry Template for everything related to invoicing and settlement. CPAnywhere concentrates on real-time reporting of relevant events for decision makers.


Most of our customers have more than one set of books for different service units (or profit centers) within the firm. Even with different units and sub-ledgers, the company still maintains one set of employees under one central management. If this is your case, then CPAnywhere is perfect for you.

Disbursement Receivables Sub-system

One of the most embarrassing things to partners and managers is to have missed billing to clients for disbursement receivables. To avoid these things from happening, we have provided a dedicated sub-system for you to explicitly record all disbursement receivables so that these items will be correctly, and automatically, appeared on your client’s invoices.

Customer Advances Sub-system

To keep track of all customers’ advances, deposits, and overpaid, the sub-system will automatically apply the amount to invoices according to the client’s instructions.

Trust Monies Sub-system

This sub-system is used to separate deposits held on behalf of your clients or third parties for trust purposes, so that all withdrawals from this trust account can be strictly under control.

Full Accounting Features

The Financial Accounting module of CPAnywhere is a self-contained system that can produce all necessary reports including Trial balance, General ledger, Balance sheet, and Income statement. It is both an in-house and client accounting solution for professional firms.

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