CSA Expert Release History

CSA Expert release history includes notes for all CSA Expert releases on a version-by-version basis.  Releases are listed in reverse-chronological order. Added features, improvements, enhancements and fixes are detailed below.

CSA Expert 4.0.010 August 2021
  • update CSA for Phase I of the new Inspection Regime under Companies Ordinance
  • change “Correspondence Address” in Client and Entity to “Mailing Address”
  • add “Correspondence Address” to individual director/alternate director/reserve director of Hong Kong companies and add it to Register of Directors
  • mass amendment to change all individual directors’ correspondence addresses to registered office address

Update Notice 4.0.0

Update Procedures 4.0.0

CSA Expert 3.6.53 June 2021
  • add Register of Beneficial Owners and Register of Directors for Cayman
  • enhance Batch Filing (BVI) by adding a filter by period feature
  • add company types, capacities and capital Contributions for Limited Partnership Fund companies
  • add Notice of Waiver of Pre-emptive Rights to allotment
  • add CDD inspection date and risk level to corporate Entity

Update Notice 3.6.5

Update Procedures 3.6.5

CSA Expert 3.6.43 February 2021
  • add Register of Beneficial Owners for Seychelles Companies
  • update IRD Form IRC1263

Update Notice 3.6.4

Update Procedures 3.6.4

CSA Expert 3.6.331 August 2020
  • introduce higher password policy
  • Signing Instruction for minutes/resolutions
  • joint signatories of a Corporate Entity
  • change the caption of passport “Issuing Country” to passport “Issuing Country/Region” on CR forms
  • new Access Control Settings for User Group
    • ignore user group settings
    • control on user-defined fields
  • more options in “Select” function for Mass Production – Change of Officers
  • renew the business registration together with branch registration
  • add “First Notice” to NN12
  • more standard company types for Cayman Islands company
  • “Limited Partnership Agreement” and “Section 9 Statement” for incorporation of Cayman ELP company
  • more standard company types for Cayman Islands company

Update Notice 3.6.3

Update Procedures 3.6.3

CSA Expert 3.6.227 February 2020
  • update e-forms to the version effective on 6 March 2020
  • state whether the class of shares carry voting right, conditional or unconditional to the Register of Members for Cayman Islands companies
  • add more versions for Register of Transfers. The difference is in the column of share certificates
  • add statement of “adaption of common seal” to the minutes about change of corporate name, if applicable

Update Notice 3.6.2

Update Procedures 3.6.2

CSA Expert 3.6.113 December 2019
  • update Cayman Island’s Register of Members
  • add new option “Conditional” voting rights to Client’s share capital
  • combine Remark column in Register of Members
  • further modify statement of place of incorporation and limited liability stated in CSA documents
  • add new Capacities of “AML Officers”

Update Notice 3.6.1

Update Procedures 3.6.1

CSA Expert 3.6.01 July 2019
  • update documents to meet the requirements imposed on “Non-Hong Kong Companies (Disclosure of Company Name, Place of Incorporation and Members’ Limited Liability) Regulation”
  • new job “Reduction of Registered Capital” (NSC19)
  • add Solvency Statement for share buyback (NSC17)
  • add Requisition of Convening an EGM for removal of officers
  • update CR’s sample AA
  • add filter in search function in Master Files’ record browsers and picklists

Update Notice 3.6.0 English 中文

Update Procedures 3.6.0 English 中文

CSA Expert 3.5.731 January 2019
  • update NR2 to the version effective on 1 February 2019
  • update description of copies of resolutions in point 14 “Company Records” in NAR1
  • enhance Share Certificate for issue and cancellation of share certificates in one Job
  • update Registers:
    • state printing date on Register as “Printed on”
    • change “Jurisdiction” to “Place of Incorporation”
    • add Register of Members for Cayman Islands
  • Filter function in Master Files and picklist
  • CDD inspection date and risk level
  • AML officers for Cayman Company
  • Enhance resolution for appointment/resignation/removal of auditor

Update Notice 3.5.7 English 中文

Update Procedures 3.5.7 English 中文

CSA Expert 3.5.630 August 2018
  • blank forms, company types and capacities for Open-ended Fund Company

Update Notice 3.5.6 English 中文

Update Procedures 3.5.6 English 中文

CSA Expert 3.5.525 July 2018
  • add a new job of “Alteration of Significant Controller”
  • give more typical examples of additional matters in SCR
  • enhance the compliance alert for SC and DR
  • update IRC3111A
  • update e-forms to the version released on 21 May 2018

Update Notice 3.5.5 English 中文

Update Procedures 3.5.5 English 中文

CSA Expert 3.5.43 April 2018
  • further revise Capacity Master File to allow a single or a combination of conditions for natural of control
  • auto-create director, SC/LE and designated representative for founder member
  • include notice and confirmation to SC in Company Formation
  • add new job for Appointment and Resignation of Designated Representative

Update Notice 3.5.4 English 中文

Update Procedures 3.5.4 English 中文

CSA Expert 3.5.316 March 2018
  • revise SC’s Natural of Control to allow multi-selections of conditions, especially for Condition (e)
  • put statements related to the progress of investigation “Additional Matters” section of SCR, not in the “Remarks” column
  • give some hints on preparing SCRs after sending out notices to presumed SC / Legal Entities(“/LE”)

Update Notice 3.5.3 English 中文

Update Procedures 3.5.3 English 中文

CSA Expert 3.5.228 February 2018
  • amend Summary of SC to exclude nominees
  • separate two types of Additional Matters – for company and SC/LE
  • update NR2

Update Notice 3.5.2 English 中文

Update Procedure 3.5.2 English 中文

CSA Expert 3.5.17 February 2018
  • a checklist of presumed Significant Controllers (“SC”) with their required personal particulars.
  • batch production and printing of notices for confirmation to every presumed SC
  • batch production and printing of board written resolutions for every company to approve the location of keeping the SCR and to designated representative of the SCR

Update Notice 3.5.1 English 中文

Update Procedures 3.5.1 English 中文

CSA Expert 3.5.021 December 2017
  • update database to make CSA compatible with the latest version of MS-SQL Server
  • make CSA Expert compatible with the user interface of Windows 10
  • add the Excel checklists for submitting information of directors and beneficial owners of Seychelles companies to the registered agents
  • revamp the features of Service and Invoice Master Files
  • add Usual Form Presentor in Mass Production of Job
  • add Director Declaration for Opening Bank Account for overseas companies
  • provide an Extra or Another Identity on Statutory Form
  • add Due Diligence Verification of Identity Form for BVI Company (UBO)
  • update IRD Form IRBR193
  • add new function of data transfer
  • add feature to clear a General User’s Selected Client in User ID and Access Rights

Update Notice 3.5.0 English 中文

Update Procedures 3.5.0 English 中文

CSA Expert 3.4.16 February 2017
  • update blank forms for winding up: NW2, NW3, NW4, NW5
  • fix the problem in saving the date in “PRC” tab of Client Master File (for PRC companies only)
  • for the job of redenomination, if a company has more than one classes of shares, all classes will be printed on NSC11 and NSC13
  • Updates IRC3111a and IRC3113 to version 6/2016

Update Notice 3.4.1 English 中文

Update Program 3.4.1 (37.4Mb)

Get Update Password for 3.4.1

CSA Expert 3.4.011 January 2017

Enhancement for reporting different particulars to different jurisdictions if the company is registered in more than one places:

  • new data structure and interface of Capacity Master File
  • handles changes on service address for BVI companies in the job “Entity Changes Particulars”
  • updates documents for the Confirmation of Particulars

Update Notice 3.4.0 English 中文

CSA Expert 3.3.4a9 September 2016

For BVI companies:

  • show list of standard country names for BVI FSC Template
  • validate country name on the Template and remark invalid names
  • option to show Chinese company name on the Template

For HKG companies:

  • show four company records in pt. 14 of NAR1
  • add allotment and share buy-back to Remarks of Sch. 1 on NAR1
  • add Client Group to My Job

Update Notice 3.3.4a English 中文

CSA Expert 3.3.42 June 2016

For Hong Kong companies:

  • update e-form templates

For BVI companies:

  • handle changes of director’s residential / registered office address on Register of Directors (ROD)
  • add occupation to the ROD with identities
  • FSC Excel can have Chinese names
  • add UBO to reports and checklists

For PRC companies:

  • more options for partnership enterprises in company types
  • new options to indicate “Limited liability” or “Unlimited liability” in Member

For Samoa companies:

  • add statements on Register of Members and Directors decelerating the location of Register

Update Notice 3.3.4 English 中文

CSA Expert 3.3.3b2 June 2016

Further update for BVI companies:

  • add new versions of Registers of Directors with identities
  • add location of Statutory Books and Financial Records to Client Master File and First Board Meeting

Update Notice 3.3.3b English 中文

CSA Expert 3.3.3a2 June 2016

Further update the BVI FSC Excel File Template:

  • individual directors are required to report both Service Address and Residential Address even if they are same
  • corporate directors are not required to report Service Address
  • put a hyphen ” – ” in an empty “State” field

Update Notice 3.3.3a English 中文

CSA Expert 3.3.329 April 2016

Update CSA for the new compliance requirements imposed by the BVI Business Companies (Amendment) Act. 2015 & 2016:

  • update Register of Directors
  • add Excel report for Batch Company Filings (BVI FSC Template)
  • enhance Compliance Alert for the missing critical data of BVI directors
  • find the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) by Group Structure Chart
  • add UBO to Capacity Master File
  • modify Consent to Act / Acceptance of Appointment

Update Notice 3.3.3 English 中文

CSA Expert 3.3.229 April 2016
  • add service address for BVI directors
  • add new Capacity: Administrator
  • add location of records and underlying Documentation
  • add person who maintain the registers and documentation
  • update Register of Directors for BVI companies

Update Notice 3.3.2 (1Mb) English 中文

CSA Expert 3.3.12 February 2016
  • enhance the job “Change of Share Structure” to handle redenomination
  • introduces Equity Ratio for the members of companies limited by liability and trust
  • add the job “Transfer of Equity Interests”
  • enhance job reference of allotment
  • add new version of share certificate for BVI companies
  • if the individual secretary of a non-HK company reports the principal place of business in HK as his correspondence address , change of R/O will also generate NN7. This function also applies to Mass Production of Job.

Update Notice 3.3.1 (1.8Mb)

CSA Expert 3.3.03 September 2015
  • update CSA interface – larger font on menus, new buttons on Tool-bar, higher screen resolution, interface of Member’s Capacity Master file
  • add Last A/C Ref Date to Client Master File
  • address of Authorized Representative (Hong Kong) can be residential address, principal place of business in HK or a specified address
  • EGM for nomination / revocation of Reserve Director
  • Retainer Service Master File & Invoice Master File

Update Notice 3.3.0 (1.8Mb)

CSA Expert 3.2.426 February 2015
  • apply calculation of AGM due dates fulfills both Predecessor Ordinances and new Companies Ordinance
  • apply new calculations for A/R Reminder and Checklist of AGM Due Dates
  • add ID and passport expiry date to the MassJob “Entity Changes Particulars”
  • handle Consent to Act as Director is signed by corporate director for e-form NNC1 and NNC1G
  • release trail version of e-form NAR1
  • add more tax file numbers for PRC companies
  • add 2 version of Registers of Charges: Hong Kong version & Hong Kong version with bilingual caption

Update Notice 3.2.4 (961Kb)

CSA Expert 3.2.313 January 2015
  • apply new calculation of A.R Date for guarantee and public companies
  • update A/R Reminder for the new calculation
  • unify the expressions of “Member” and “Redemption” in English and Chinese

Update Notice 3.2.3 (671Kb)

CSA Expert 3.2.216 December 2014
  • Enhance bank account master filer
  • New NAC4 “Notice of Alternation of Accounting Reference Date”
  • Update Form 1(b)
  • New option of affixing common seal on share certificates
  • Generation of “Due Diligence Verification of Identity Form for Individual Clients” as a report

Update Notice 3.2.2 (945Kb)

CSA Expert 3.2.1-R1 August 2014
  • Reorganize buttons on Tools Bar
  • Update e-Incorporation
  • Enhance backup function to have a 2nd copy of data backup and a copy of document backup
  • Allotment of shares and grant of rights with company approval in EGM
  • More than one listing status in one jurisdiction
  • Add bank account signer to C-E-C
  • Resign Auditor in AGM

Update Notice 3.2.1-R (710Kb)

CSA Expert 3.2.01 August 2014
  • Update e-forms for e-incorporation
  • Change format of company name printed on forms for Hong Kong companies to print English name then Chinese name
  • Update format of corporate names printed on NN1 and NN10 to meet the requirements on section 3 of Chap. 622J
  • Add Identity to Register of Members
  • Print Founder Member’s Share Certificate No. on First Board Meeting
  • New function to reset folio no. for Capacity
  • New function to recalculate all AGM notice date
  • New section “Other Business in Minutes / Resolution

Update Notice 3.2.0 (1.13Mb)

CSA Expert 3.1.69 June 2014
  • Change default folder for the files generated by “Disclosure of Company Name”
  • More options for searching an address in “Disclosure of Company Name”

Update Notice 3.1.6 (186Kb)

CSA Expert 3.1.530 May 2014
  • Change of Articles of Association – NAA1, NAA2, NAA3
  • Change of Shares Capital by capitalization of profit or by the fund provided by members (NSC11)
  • Change of Auditor (NA1, NA2)
  • Disclosure of Company Name on electronic device
  • Group Structure Chart supports Visio 2013
  • Common system settings for printing index and letter or not
  • Add description of ID type to Jurisdiction/Country Definition File
  • Common system settings for printing other ID on form even passport is provided

Update Notice 3.1.5 (446Kb)

CSA Expert 3.1.423 April 2014
  • update NSC11 for consolidation and subdivision
  • reorganise the index and version of all Registers
  • default meeting type of allotment is changed to EGM (for section 141)
  • add correspondence address to Confirmation of Particulars for individual officer

Update Notice 3.1.4 (329Kb)

CSA Expert 3.1.328 March 2014
  • new forms NSC2
  • NAR1 – add page no. to Schedule 1 and 2
  • IRBR2 – update to version “10/2013”
  • AA Cover – update to the format of CI issued after 3 March 2014
  • Board W/R – confirm to quote Article No. on board resolution

Update Notice 3.1.3 (329Kb)

CSA Expert 3.1.218 March 2014
  • new forms NNC2, NN12, NR1, NN12, NN13
  • update the notices for declaring the company will become dormant and will cease to be dormant
  • Shareholder’s written resolution: should quote section 548

Update Notice 3.1.2 (365Kb)

CSA Expert 3.1.15 March 2014
  • more options in Capacity Master File for individual secretary’s reporting to CR: residential, R/O, Business or specified
  • enhance Entity Changes Particulars for individual secretary changes the reporting address
  • adds A/R due date to Presentor’s Section
  • adds postal code to the 3rd line of address for C/R forms

Update Notice 3.1.1 (550Kb)

CSA Expert 3.1.028 February 2014
  • except NNC1, NNC1G and NDR1, adds more new forms: NAR1, NN3, NR2, NM1, NM2, ND2A, ND4, ND5, ND8, NN2, NN6, NN8, ND2B, ND7, NN7, NN8C and NSC1
  • converts company types for Hong Kong companies
  • adds optional items on Presentor’s Section to Common System Settings

Update Notice 3.1.0 (550Kb)

CSA Expert 3.0.121 February 2014
  • Capacity Master File: a new checkbox in individual Secretary’s record for recording the R/O address is being used as its correspondence address
  • C-E-C: enhancement for checking the address of individual Secretary
  • Mass Amendment: a new feature for changing the setting in the above item (1) for all individual Secretary

Update Notice 3.0.1 (550Kb)

CSA Expert 3.0.06 February 2014
  • generate new Forms NNC1, NNC1G, NDR1 and Sample AA
  • add settings of “Member of Listing Capital” to Client Master File
  • add registered capital, paid-up capital to Client Master File
  • add appointment of auditor and options of mentioning common seal to First Board Meeting
  • add major blank forms

Update Notice 3.0.0 (877Kb)

CSA Expert 2.1.12 December 2013
  • enhance Client’s Folder, License and Certificate Master File, Document Library for saving your own documents to CSA
  • add a new Service Master File to record the services that you provided to your customers and the related billing information
  • enhance the Contacts section for corporate Entity by having multiple contact
  • change banker and branch data to Entity
  • allows commencement date not same as incorporation date

Update Notice 2.1.1 (1.4Mb)

Update Program 2.1.1 (30Mb)

CSA Expert 2.0.21 February 2013
  • add Info Panel to Client Master File and Capacity Master File
  • allow user to define description of Passport Issuing Countr
  • new Registers for BVI companies
  • add information of secretary to Group Structure Chart

Update Notice 2.0.2 (773Kb)

CSA Expert 2.0.123 November 2012
  • Updated e-Form templates released by Companies Registry for e-filling after 16 December 2012
  • Added new data for B.V.I. due diligence requirements:
    • source of fund in Client Master File
    • image of certified documents and other references in Entity Master File
    • place of birth and place of incorporation in Entity Master File
  • Added new options for changing the listing order of shares classes in AR1. The listing order follows the order of shares classes in Client Master File.

Update Notice 2.0.1 (950Kb)

CSA Expert 2.0.09 October 2012
  • Added Compliance Alert function
  • Added Task Manager side panel
  • Applied “chop-like” style to resolutions and non-statutory forms
  • Updated templates of  written resolutions to have article no.
  • Added User-defined Fields to Alarm

Update Notice 2.0.0 (1.8Mb)

CSA Expert 1.2.65 April 2012
  • Added “Signature Reference Code” and copy function to Bank Account Master File
  • New data fields of login ID and password for e-Registry to Entity Master File
  • New “Entity Registered Agent (HK C/R) Master File” and the new Form RAG1 for appointment and cessation of Registered Agent
  • Added preferable written and spoken languages to Entity Master File

Update Notice 1.2.6 (834Kb)

CSA Expert 1.2.517 February 2012
  • Updated 5 Side Panels: Contact, User-defined Field, Client’s Folder, My Usual Jobs and External Program Link
  • Enhanced templates of minutes to automatically generate “It was Resolved that” for meeting minutes and “Resolved that” for written resolution
  • Each Client can has its own Usual Presentor.

Update Notice 1.2.5 (441Kb)

CSA Expert 1.2.421 December 2011
  • I.R.C. 3110 A is no longer required for the change of corporate name.
  • I.R.C. 3111A is for changing business address only. Generate I.R.C. 311A for the change of R/O only when R/O is same as business address.
  • Allowed “Unconfirmed date” for unknown becoming or cessation date for capacities.
  • Added “Client Folder” for quick access to the generated documents.

Update Notice 1.2.4 (722Kb)

CSA Expert 1.2.314 November 2011
  • New system requirement of having Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for e-filing.
  • New features for company formation:
    • check boxes of founder member, first director, first secretary and first registered agent for Form NC1 and First Board Meeting
    • Declaration of Trust comes with company formation
    • Director’s Declaration for opening bank account
    • templates of M&A for BVI companies
  • “My Document” is one of the option of “Working File Directory”

Update Notice 1.2.3 (156Kb)

CSA Expert 1.2.26 October 2011
  • Added “File Cabinet” to side panel
  • Added quick access to “External Program Link” on side panel

Update Notice 1.2.2 (264Kb)

CSA Expert 1.2.124 September 2011
  • Updated I.R.B.R. 200

Update Notice 1.2.1 (63Kb)

CSA Expert 1.2.05 September 2011
  • Added new job of “Repurchase of Shares”
  • Added printing mailing label function to “Tools”
  • “A/R Reminder” has options to include more data to the checklist
  • “C-E-C” cam select more Client’s data to the result, including User-defined Fields
  • Added option of “Frequently-used” address to address picklist

Update Notice 1.2.0 (360Kb)

CSA Expert 1.1.91 August 2011
  • Added selections of M&A to Company Formation
  • Added options to have default information to be printed on the remark column of Registers
  • New option of having “chop-like style” signatory printed on statuary form
  • Added new picklist of share certificate number to jobs involved issuance of share certificate
  • Allowed multiple sections of conditions in Checklist

Update Notice 1.1.9 (232Kb)

CSA Expert 1.1.84 July 2011
  • Enhancements on C-E-C
    • number of Capacities that can be included is increased to 4
    • option to include inactive Clients
    • option to include other members of the selected Capacities
    • more data can be included in checklist
  • “Smart Search” can include Inactive Client
  • Added more versions of “Acceptance of Appointments” and “Confirmation of Particulars”

Update Notice 1.1.8 (248Kb)

CSA Expert 1.1.71 June 2011
  • New “A/R Reminder” for checking A/R filing of Hong Kong and non-Hong Kong companies.
  • Standardized currency code to meet CR’s e-filling requirement

Update Notice 1.1.7 (193Kb)

CSA Expert 1.1.65 May 2011
  • More options of folder name in  “Document Cabinet”
  • Enhanced mass amendment of address
  • Added bilingual Register of Members
  • Modified investment capital for PRC companies

Update Notice 1.1.6 (12Kb)

CSA Expert 1.1.51 April 2011
  • Added new job “Reclassification of Shares”
  • Added “related party” and “expiry date” to Document Library
  • Added new capacities “present” and “vice-president” for non-default jurisdictions

Update Notice 1.1.5 (12Kb)

CSA Expert 1.1.41 March 2011
  • Added standard M&A (sample A, B and C) released by CR
  • Added more company type for PRC companies
  • Added option of listing order to “C-E-C”
  • Changed the alignment of statutory form signer to center

Update Notice 1.1.4 (20Kb)

CSA Expert 1.1.318 February 2011
  • Update Forms to give effect to the one-stop company and business registration service to be implemented on 21 February 2011:
    • revised Forms NC1, NC1G and NC3
    • added new Form NC3 and new IRD Forms IRBR1, IRBR2 and IRBR200

Update Notice 1.1.3 (26Kb)

CSA Expert 1.1.24 January 2011
  • Added “Client-Entity-Capacity Relationship Report” (C-E-C) function
  • Uniformed date format in Registers
  • Allowed auto-generated Client ID to be 2 to 6 digits long
  • Allowed default minutes type to be meeting minutes or written resolution
  • Added more details to Document Library

Update Notice 1.1.2 (22Kb)