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CSA Expert thoroughly inherits the fine tradition of CSA Professional (its predecessor) for its high degree of user-friendliness. 

The screen layouts are straightforward and devised to be self-explanatory,

therefore conducive to effective input.

The Client Master File

A typical input screen in CSA

The CSA Desktop is a great place where you can personalize your system. 

Here, you can maintain a list of your frequently-used Clients and a list of usual Jobs for speedy re-selection. 

In addition to your favorite wallpaper,

it accommodates many things of convenience related to your current working Client:

a contact list, user-defined fields, and a document library.

The carefully designed pull-down menu system offers a clear and precise operating environment,

while the tool buttons give users quick access to the most accessed features of the system.

The CSA Desktop:

Frequently-accessed functions and information are within easy reach of users

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