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Foreign Languages

In CSA Expert, you can enter, store and retrieve data in any language you need.

There is even a possibility of mixing characters of different languages together within the same string of words.

CSA Expert supports foreign languages (such as French, Portuguese, and Japanese) as well as Simplified Chinese and Hong Kong characters (e.g.滙)

Bilingual Screen and Data Structure

We allow users to choose from bilingual screens (English and Traditional Chinese). 

The two screenshots below represent respectively the English and Chinese versions of the same input screen, which is the first tab of the Client Master File in CSA.

Incidentally, the third tab “PRC” is specifically reserved for Chinese companies:

English screen

Traditional Chinese screen

The data structure is also designed to accept both English
(or other foreign languages) and Chinese inputs for all appropriate character fields, which include but not limited to company names, personal names, and addresses.

Trilingual Documents

With the fast and increasing integration of commerce between Hong Kong and the mainland, our clients are now calling for genuine Chinese statutory documents for execution or reference purposes. 

The Declaration of Trust
(English Format)

The Declaration of Trust (Traditional Chinese Format)

The Declaration of Trust (Simplified Chinese Format)

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