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2023-08~ Q & A for Users : How to record share certificates in
用戶答問 系列 之: 如何 在 CSA 處 理股票記錄?
~ Review the “Leave” Function on CPAnywhere’s mobile
app and Ask for Your Suggestions
審視 CPAnywhere 流動 應用程 式 中的 休假 ” 功能並徵求
~ Updated Version 1.3 .0 : Featuring the Automated Risk
Assessment Report Function
更新版 1 3 .0 :新增 自動化風險評估報告 功能
~ Risk to US Taxpayers in any Involvement in Virtual Currency Transactions
2023-06~ Updated Version 5.1.0  (更新版5.1.0)~ Opinion: “The Future of Cloud Computing” in 2009 Revisited (重溫2009年「雲計算的未來」一文)~ A New Guideline on Compliance of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Requirements for Trust or Company Service Providers (信託或公司服務提供者遵從打擊洗錢及恐怖分子資金籌集規定的新指引)
~ System Enhancement: Automated Risk Assessment Report (系統增強:自動化風險評估報告)
~ How to avoid heavy US tax burden before immigrating to the United States
2023-04~ Updated Version 5.0.2 (更新版5.0.2) ~ The issue of identity information of an individual director on CR forms (在CR表格上個人董事身份信息的問題)
~ Should you file ND2B with NR1 when RO is changed? (當RO更改時,您是否應該與NR1一併提交ND2B?)
~ When an Employee Got Fired! (當有員工被解僱時!)~ FATF’s suggested actions to support the use of technology in AML/CFT (FATF就運用科技支援AML/CFT的行動建議)
~ Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (Amendment) Ordinance 2022 comes into effect on 1 April 2023 (於2023年4月1日生效的《2022年打擊洗錢及恐怖分子資金籌集 (修訂) 條例》)
~ How to avoid being targeted by Canada Revenue Agency for world-wide income?
2023-02~ For an identification number as protected information, how to determine what to show (or what to hide)? (對於身分識別號碼作為受保護資料,如何確定顯示什麼 (或隱藏什麼)?)
~ What CR would do to those “old forms” filed before 24 October 2022 which still contained protected information? (在2022年10月24日之前交付的 “舊表格” 還是看得到那些受保護資料的,CR會怎樣處理?)
~ What to do in the system when there is a change of supervisor (遇有主管變動時在系統裡應怎麼辦)
~ Samples of Custom Reports created by CPAnywhere users (CPAnywhere用戶創建的自定報表示例)
~ Updated Version 1.2.1 (更新版1.2.1) ~ How to speed up the sanction search for the whole database of clients and entities? (對整個客戶和實體數據庫作制裁名單搜索時,如何加快速度?) 
2022-12~ How to rectify a typographical or clerical error contained in a document already registered with the Companies Registry: Form AD  (怎樣更正已登記文件內在排印或文書方面的錯誤:表格AD)
~ CR temporarily suspended the support for forms submission through TPSI and “CR eFiling” mobile app (公司註冊處暫停支援通過TPSI及「CR交表易」流動應用程式提交表格)
~ Enhancement to the Invoice Settlement Maintenance function (加強發票結算維護功能)
~ Payment Receipt shows the foreign currency (在付款收據顯示外幣)
~ Questions asked by CR Inspector on AML for CSA (part II): How does the system work? (CR稽查人員就AML for CSA的提問 (下):系統是如何運作的?)
~ Hong Kong’s implementation of AML/CTF measures: A “report card” based on FATA’s assessment (香港AML/CFT措施的實施情況:一份根據FATF評核報告的 “成績表”)
2022-10~ The implementation of Phase 2 of the New Inspection Regime (實施第二階段的新查冊安排)
~ Director’s Protected Information: Frequently Asked Questions (董事的受保護資料:常見問題)
~ The problem with multiple approvals of the same invoice (同一張發票的雙重批核問題)
~ More information added to Invoice Registry (發票登記冊增添更多信息)
~ Questions asked by CR Inspector on AML for CSA (part I) (CR稽查人員就AML for CSA的提問 (上))
~ Where is the source of our Sanction/Wanted List and PEP data come from? (我們的制裁/被通緝名單和PEP的數據來自哪裡?)
~ How frequently do we update our Sanction/Wanted List data? (我們多久更新一次制裁/被通緝名單的數據?)