Technical Support Bulletin

CSA Support Bulletin shares the live issues on company secretarial matters as well as offering the tips and experience in using the CSA system. (Replaced by P & L Newsletter and Private Release for Urgent Matters sent directly to CSA Contacts since 2021)

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May 2020
  • Kaspersky Killed CSA
August 2017
  • New requirements for HK companies to keep a Significant Controllers Register proposed by the Companies (Amendment) Bill 2017
March 2016
  • Information required for the BVI’s ultimate beneficial owner (UBO).
July 2014
  • Special requirements on the registration of corporate names for non-Hong Kong companies
December 2013
  • Effective dates of the new specific forms
  • Preliminary schedule of CSA update
September 2013
  • Report on the meeting with the Companies Registry
  • Tentative Schedule on the release of new forms
May 2013
  • Changes on the filing requirement of the IRD for deregistration of a private company
  • Notification to the C/R of the decease of a Reserve Director
  • The file association problem of the C/R’s e-Form Filler under Java 7
April 2012
  • Compatibility of CSA Professional Plus to Windows 7
  • Standard Country Names and Currency Codes used by Companies Registry
  • Nominated Person in Form DR1
November 2011
  • No Need to File I.R.C.3110A for Change of Corporate Name
  • No Need to File I.R.C.3111A for Change of Registered Office Address
August 2011
  • Next AGM and A/R Due Date Alarm
  • Recalculate Due Dates
  • e-Filing Update
July 2011
  • Checking the Annual Return Filling Date
  • Filing I.R.D. Forms