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A good software system should be logical and practical in its workflow. 

At the same time, the degree of ease of data entry and output is as important as the features themselves. 


Since we have adopted many suggestions from our users, the workflow employed by CSA naturally is the one that is most comfortable for them. 


No wonder some new users can go straight to operate the system immediately after installation before formal training!

CSA is truly the product of many company secretaries, lawyers, and accountants’ wisdom. 

Throughout the years, they have put forward their ideas on different work procedures and provided various samples of documents for our reference. 

This large pool of sample documents ensured that CSA is a collection of knowledge among practitioners. 

You can reap the benefit by adopting them with minimum effort or, of course, you can create your own document templates.

The system incorporates many customization features. 
One good example is the custom document library. 

Other than specified forms, users can create new versions from existing documents and reports to fit their own specifications and to cope with different scenarios.

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