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Success in Getting Funding

Its nice to have the 60% funding from TPV or the $100,000 grant on Distant Business Program. 

Many of our new CSA and CPAnywhere users have applied for those funding with success. 

Initially, it takes about 6 months to a year to get the funding. 

However, we kind of know the problem. 

It is because the initial intent of these government funding are for works to be performed by local firms with some form of customization. 

CSA needs to be customized in the set up of minutes and resolutions, letters and invoices. 

CPAnywhere needs to set up the chart of accounts, transfer of old data or clients information from CSA or other systems, invoice template,  customized reports, work scheduling, leave policies and accrual.

 This kind of customization is what the government is looking for. 

Also, the previous approvals of CSA and CPAnywhere in their record actually help with the recent applications.