AML Seminar 2023-09-21

We are going to organize a zoom seminar on Introduction to AML for CSA with the emphasis on Risk Analysis Reporting.  If you are interested, please sign up using the Google link here. Seminar Title:  Introduction to AML for CSA (202307)Time:  September 21, 2023 (15:00 to 16:30)Format:  Zoom MeetingTo Register: Client Confirmation, KYC, RBA, CDD, Sanction and Fugitive Checks (ad hoc and the entire database), PEP and TrainingHow to run the Risk …

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2022 AML Amendment Bill

The pending legislation is to require Vitual Assets and Precious Metals and Stones dealers to register and to keep all transactions for law enforcement and audit purposes. We may need to include a different set of CDDs for VA and PM/S dealers if the law get passed.

Seminar on AML

Seminar:  Introduction to AML for CSAAgenda1. How to handle the AML ordinance using the new program.2. Walking through the features in AML:  Client Confirmation, KYC, RBA, CDD, Sanction, PEP, Sanction, and Training3. Question and Answer periodTime:  August 16, 2022 (15:00 to 16:30)Format:  Zoom MeetingTo Register: If you have any question about the program, please ask before or during the seminar or call me at 2521-3110.SincerelyOscar

Wanted Lists for AML

You may have noticed that we have established a Wanted List in our website to check whether an individual is wanted by the Interpol as well as other law enforcement agencies. We are going to incorporate this useful feature into the AML system.

Sanction Check Reactivated

We have rewritten the AML Sanctin Check to coup with the changes faced in Chrome and Edge browsers. Even though it works on browsers other than the two mentioned, we think that these two are the most popular ones and we have to accomodate their changes.

Intro. to AML for CSA

We are going to organize a Zoom seminar on Introduction to AML for CSA on September 20, 2021.  If you are interested, please sign up using the Google link here. Seminar Title:  Introduction to AML for CSA Date:  September 20, 2021Time:  15:00 to 16:00Language: CantoneseFormat:  Zoom Meeting To Register: (If you miss this seminar and would like to attend the next available one, please email your name, company name to Mr. …

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AML Newsletter

August 10, 2021 AML Newsletter, first issue.Topic:1. Anti-Foreign Sanction Law2. Questions from AML Users and Answers3. Private PEP Private4. FATF-Virtual Assets (Bitcoins, etc) and VASP (Virtual Assets Service Provider) increased responsibilities in enforcement of AML/CFT.5. Seminar News on Managing PEP Using PEP Private If you are interested, please download it from AML Download.  Thank you!

Launch AML System

We are going to launch the new AML for CSA system.  If you are on our CSA contact list, we will send you an email and ask if you are interested to know more about the system.  If you do, we will send you an information packet which contains the Proposal, Order Form and Training …

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