Invoice Register

We are going to make the change to the Invoice Registry Report for more information to users. We have added a separate row called Customer Advance. When a customer sends in a payment which is more than the invoice amount, user can first click the Customer Advance box for the excess amount, then press “Auto” …

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Receipt in Foreign Currency

We are going to modify the issuance of Payment Receipt function in order to deal with the receipt of foreign currency for the payment of a Hong Kong dollar invoice. The new Payment Receipt will display the full amount receipt in “foreign currency” and the invoice balance outstanding in Hong Kong currency. The existing Payment …

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Survey: 5 most popular functions of CPAnywhere

Recently, we had conducted a survey among our CPAnywhere users on their most used functions. The results are presented here: 1. Time sheet by date2. Job assignment3. Leave application4. Invoice maintenance5. Correspondence

Thank you note!

Dear P&L user: We would like to say thank you to the wonderful people who had volunteered their time and effort in suggesting better ways to use the CSA Expert system and CPAnywhere, practice management system. Polly Sin and Sarah Sin of Newhaven (Hong Kong) Limited BVI Activation Form Polly and Sarah have provided a …

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Phobos ransomware alert!

Yesterday, one of our CSA users has experienced the attack by the new phobos ransomware.  Almost all files in the file server as well as local stations are being encrypted.  The thief demands payment of 20 million dollars in order to unlock the files.  If you have not experienced this attack yet, please do the …

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File Upload Compression

In order to reduce the file size of the file upload in CPAnywhere, we have added the file compression feature in File Upload. The system would automatically compressed the file into a zip file and add a password protect before uploading. This will save about 90% of the file space for Excel and Word files …

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New AR Report

During the last two weeks, we have been completely revised the Accounts Receivable Aging Report by taking care of the negative balances that may be the result of the Credit Note, One Payment for Several Invoices, Overpayment but put in the wrong place as well as the manual journal entries that affect the client AR …

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Quotation and A/P

Quotation:  We are going to work on the Quotation Function and to rewrite the Prospective Customer as requested by many users.  The way to work is simple.  We will use the present Customer, Job and Billing as the base and classify them as “Prospective” in nature.  Once they are confirmed, then we will revert them …

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Adding Retail with Inventory?

Mr. Henry Wang of Global Incorporation Limited 环球致优 with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen has proposed to add the retail with inventory function in CPAnywhere.  The problem with this proposal is that the initial target users are for professional firms.  All billing for inventory items would usually be classified in either Miscellaneous Charges …

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