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It has been quite some time since our last post. During this period, we are busy working on the following:


  1. Simplifying the program in response  to user’s opinions.
  2. Data conversion for Baker Tilly CPA (system) and other CPA firms (manual).
  3. Adding more options to different ways of handling things in CPA firms.

These changes are small but very meaningful to practicing CPA firms. Increase ability to enter everything in one entry, keeping track of the mark up charges for each expense reimbursement, supervisor approval of expenses and mark up charges…


All these are important to day-to-day operation of a CPA firm.  Our goal is to make life easier for CPA by taking care of every little detail of these practices.  After all, the value of a system is just the multiplier of user’s experiences and whether those experiences are put in practice.


We will publish a summarized report of our user’s experience in their conversion from existing system or manual system to CPAnywhere. The conversion touches on existing jobs, clients, time sheet charges, expenses claim, reimbursements, issued invoices, accounts receivable, chart of accounts, leaves and HR data.


We hope we can share the issues concerning big international CPA firm like Baker Tilly to local accounting firm’s success stories to the public.