Month: August 2022

2022 AML Amendment Bill

The pending legislation is to require Vitual Assets and Precious Metals and Stones dealers to register and to keep all transactions for law enforcement and audit purposes. We may need to include a different set of CDDs for VA and PM/S dealers if the law get passed.

Seminar on AML

Seminar:  Introduction to AML for CSAAgenda1. How to handle the AML ordinance using the new program.2. Walking through the features in AML:  Client Confirmation, KYC, RBA, CDD, Sanction, PEP, Sanction, and Training3. Question and Answer periodTime:  August 16, 2022 (15:00 to 16:30)Format:  Zoom MeetingTo Register: If you have any question about the program, please ask before or during the seminar or call me at 2521-3110.SincerelyOscar