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A/P System

May 20, 2014.  ”Accounts Payable“.  We can always learn something from seminar participants.  This time, we have two things:  1.  Installing AP module; 2. Print voucher or journal entry.  We will quickly implement the AP module that can print out

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Executive Summary

May 16, 2014.  ”Executive Summary“.  We are going to create a page called Executive Summary and a special designation for executives who can access to this special page in web and mobile pages.  This page will list the summaries of

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Approving Invoices

May 5, 2014.  “Approving proforma invoices”.  Currently, we have one level of invoice approval in action.  However, one user needs to get the multiple levels of approval for proforma invoice.  Therefore, we have added this feature into Proforma Invoicing.  This

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