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We are still debating the best way to handle write-off of the remaining balance while doing the invoice settlement.

One way to do it is to allow the system to put the remaining amount (amount paid less invoiced amount) to the write-off column.

The user can just click a buttom to indicate the remaining amount to be written-off. This is simple and easy to operate.

The only drawback is the control. May be we can make it as a company maintenance option. So far, the settlement function operates beautifully because of it simplicity and intelligence in handling credit and write-off as well as the bank deposit and automatic journal entries.

The other not so important but useful function that we have implemented in the Timesheet entry is to allow users to indicate the non-chargeable item and display it as complimentary on invoices.

It is important to let clients know that you have done some good work on their behalf but you did not charge them. Somewhat a public relation scheme!