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I ordered a tea set from Tsui Wah Restaurant on Connaught Road Central today while I was working at the office on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

When the order came in about 15 minutes, I found out that they had missed the milk tea. I was thinking since I am not a fan of milk tea I just let it go.

But within a few minutes, another lady from Tsui Wah came with a fresh and hot milk tea.

What a surprise! This is a perfect case of customer relationship management. They had missed the milk tea by mistake. Instead of waiting for the customer to complaint, they do it proactively, and fast.

If Tsui Wah is a listed company, they can count me in as a loyal shareholder. Their management is top-notched. Their food is excellent. Their pricing is reasonable. Their sitting environment is comfortable. What more can one ask for? I wish we can do as good as Tsui Wah for our customers.

Please do let us know about our wrongs and misses so that we can do better.