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Small thing does make a big difference

Sometimes, small thing does make a big difference.

Sabrina of Union Alpha, a very bright lady with talent in programming, has been feeding us with many kinds of suggestions such as a better sorting criterion when printing reports and employee performance reporting.

Whenever we get these kind of suggestions, we treasured them and make changes as quickly as we can so that users can have a better experience with the system.

In the past week, we try to give the MBA System a name so that prospective users can easily identify the product. Although MBA System does consists of timesheet, billing, customer relations, human resources, accouting and finance functions, but these modules are not the heart of the system. It is not an ERP system, nor CRM, nor Accounting, nor Practice Management.

But one thing for sure, the system is vital for managing a business. This is why we adopt the name MBA to begin with. MBA System is a Management System for Business Organization. Maybe we can call it an Business Management System (BMS) for Professional Business? Any suggestions from our users?