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Reviewed by a Legal Counsel and a Barrister specialized in SFC and SEHK laws

As the user of the MCSA meeting software and Company123 mobile app, Mr. Adex Tsui (徐文耀大律師), a Barrister with over 20 years of practice experience in stock exchange and SFC regulations and the Senior Legal Counsel of First Shanghai Securities Limited, a Hong Kong listed company, wrote his comments.  We will include all of his suggestions to make the system in full compliance to the rules and regulations of the Companies Ordinance, SFC and SEHK’s requirements.

“Some observations and suggestions for your consideration

  1. Add the weekday on the time i.e. Monday Tuesday..
  2. Add the countdown, no. of days or time left before the meeting begins.  Mark the status of the meeting, such as “to be opened”, “closed”, “cancelled” or “postponed”
  3. Before open, whether participant was able to suggest some agenda etc
  4. Add the timer when the meeting starts and limit the time of discussion section or voting section
  5. Add the no. of participants (online vs in person) and name if necessary for those who are on line to know
  6. Add the declaration of interest for directors to declare either in default on declaration of interest or ask them to select.  For conflict of interest, either to let them to report if there is any declaration of interest which is in conflict or not.  For abstain voting, either to select whether the vote should be abstained or default inability to vote in case of conflict
  7. Different types of meeting may have different colors


Thank you Adex for your time in reviewing the system.