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Response to the complaints voiced from listed companies

We have received many complaints from listed companies about their inability to register for the seminars.    When we first market the MCSA, the target audience were CPA firms. However, it turns out that listed companies, homeowners’ associations, private companies are equally interested in the app. The sole purpose of the software is to allow members, directors, shareholders, voting members or homeowners to exercise their rights to vote anywhere using their mobile phone and they can see the detail voting record.

Seminar just for listed companies

The previous 4 seminars (full) are geared to professional firm who organize meeting for their clients. We are adding 2 more seminars just for listed or private companies. This one is concentrated on practical aspects of how to set up agendas, voting, participants, final minute with signatories and see the result immediately on their mobile app.

Extend the free use period

Because of the overwhelming response on the interest of MCSA, we have decided to extend the free use period to January 31, 2019. That includes free MCSA program, free customization of minutes and notices, free private label, free training and support, free program upgrades. We want to make sure that you don’t pay a dollar during the free use period.  Hopefully, you can go through at least one board meeting and one members’ meeting.

Lesson learned

When we present the mobile app to home owners’ associations, they were overjoyed. This gives them the power to vote and to attend meeting without being there or be controlled by a few persons. The management companies are also very supportive of the idea because of the ease of use of the MCSA to create meeting. Everyone wins!

Seminar “Setting up board meeting, sub-committee, and AGM using MCSA”

We will concentrate on user experience as follow:

  1. Join (how easy to join the meeting)
  2. Read (how easy to read the minutes)
  3. Discuss (how easy to read other comments and to discuss)
  4. Vote (how easy to cast the vote and be confident of it)
  5. Final (how easy to obtain the final result of the meeting)

Other things don’t matter unless your directors or shareholders are satisfied with the experience!