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We are busy working on the mobile version of the MBAnywhere system. We have to decide which mobile systems that we should first developed.

The purpose is to allow mobile phone users to access the MBA system in fast speed, clear to navigate but powerful enough to access the information as quickly as possible.

After trying for the iOS, Android and the HTML5, we have decided to adopt the HTML5 as the basic for our mobile version. HTML5 is accessable in all iPhones, Android phones, Symbian as well as the Microsoft Mobile systems.

In fact, we think this is the future. Rather than based a particular company or phone system, the HTML5 is universal and accessable to all. When using the Mobile version of the MBA system, user can download the iPhone-like icon into his phone. Everytime when he wants to access the MBA system, all he needs is to press that MBA icon and the system will appear. It is simple and easy to use. The system is still under development. However, you can call us to try out the beta version.

The Mobile MBA at this preliminary stage allows only the following functions:

  • My Calendar
  • My Event
  • Office Event
  • In-Tray
  • Out-Tray
  • Company News
  • Approval
  • My Jobs
  • Timesheet

We will add more features to it as the time goes.

Thank you for your support!