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MCSA = Holding Board or Member’s Meeting on the Internet

MCSA is a fast and easy-to-use board and member’s meeting software application.  It is specifically designed for CSA users to set up the board or member’s meeting by just “one click” on the net.

MCSA is a secured space on the net to allow members and directors of a company to hold a statutory or ordinary meeting.

Participant can use his computer workstation, tablet, iPad or mobile phone to gain access to the secured site to join the meeting.



You already know it.  It is no difference from processing a board or member’s meeting function in CSA.  Instead of printing out the forms and sending them to your clients, all you need to do is to EXPORT the forms, meeting and participants’ information to a separate site under your complete control so that your clients can conduct their meeting online.

Just ONE click in CSA to set up a board or member’s meeting:  we have installed the automatic meeting set up program in every CSA Expert system.  In the past, CSA user would like to click the meeting, whether it is a board meeting, annual general meeting or extraordinary meeting, the CSA system would gather all the necessary information and print out a set of documents.  The company secretary would hand those documents to the company’s management to proceed with the setting up of the meeting.  Not anymore!  Nowadays, CSA user can use the same command to initial the meeting on the net.  The CSA system would gather all the necessary information and transferred to the information to MCSA automatically.  Once the MCSA got the information, it will setup the Meeting on the Net, compile the list of participants, generate the Meeting Agenda and any Voting Procedure, and then send out the notification to each participant individually.  Once the participant receive the notification, he can just click on the link to gain access to the Meeting Site for all the meeting information, agenda, documents, voting and talk features.  The CSA administrator would receive all the log in information and voting results from the participants.



  • Meeting information
  • Agenda
  • Documents
  • Voting
  • Talk
  • Participants
  • Company current information



Hong Kong has adopted the new Company Ordinance of 2004.  Under the new law, a company may hold a general meeting at 2 or more places using any technology.  Sec. 584 (1).  The main requirements are all members can “listen”, “speak” and “vote” at the meeting.  Place is not important while time is still an essence of the meeting.

The development of new technology like the Internet allows people to connect with each other in real time with no physical boundary.  The new law has quickly recognized that reality and to make the best use of that development.



As of the end of February 2015, there are a total 1,278,771 companies remained registered in the Company Register under the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 622).  Almost all companies are using the CSA as the main system within their own operation or under management by CPA firms, law firms or professional company secretaries for management.  Out of these 1.27 million companies, only 594 that are registered as a public company.  So, in effect, the remaining 1,278,177 companies are suitable for holding their  member’s meetings on the net using MCSA.  However, it does not prevent the public companies to use MCSA to hold their board meetings or any other meetings on the net.

Information from the Company Registry:

Number of Local Companies that has Remained Registered in the Companies Register since 2014
[Incorporated under the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 622)]

Statistics in 2015 Local companies
Month No. of public companies No. of private companies No. of
guarantee companies
Total No. of
companies that has
remained registered
in the Companies Register
January 594 1,263,414 12,531 1,276,539
February 594 1,265,759 12,418 1,278,771




MCSA cost compose of the following:

System setup fee

Monthly subscription fee



Every software has its own strength and weakness.  Whether a software is good or bad depends on user’s experience.  MCSA’s advantage is its natural connection between the CSA system and the MCSA portal.  CSA user doesn’t need to learn a separate system.  All they need to do is just press a button in CSA Meeting and the system will do the rest in setting up a meeting for client.  Just one click, nothing more complicated than that in setting up  a meeting.  If you so choose the automatic function, the system will check all the required documents, set up the Agenda, compile a list of participants, set up the Voting option, set up the Talk page and sending out the meeting notification to each participant on file.  The main strength is to combine the CSA’s information processing and the in-depth knowledge of company secretaries in their day-to-day use of  CSA system.