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If you are in the business of providing services to your clients like CPA, Company secretarial and law firms, then you come to the right place.  This chapter is a quick introduction to CPAnywhere.  Warn you first, we don’t have fancy graphics or interactive pages to wow you, just plain and simple talks to explain the logic behind the system.


The credit of building such a huge system doesn’t just rest on us alone, but go to hundreds of suggestions from our users who share with their thoughts.

CPAnywhere is a platform to handle most of the issues arising from your practice.


On the business side, it goes from prospective customer to customer, from job to billing, from disbursement to advances, from settlement to journal entries.


On the staff side, it goes from personnel record to leaves, from overtimes to payroll, from time sheet to expenses claim, from roster to policy settings. All information are interconnected to give you a full picture of the organization’s performance.


In fact, all these additions to the platform were the actual requests from the users.  So, the system remains a very practical one.


Security is the most important concern for every business owners.  We take that into the up-most consideration.


There is a complex handling of each online user and a detailed audit trial of tracking who did what and when.  In fact, this system is more secure than a networked system.  Also, you have the complete control of the location of the software and data and all other access rights setting.


Since the system operates through the web, that means it can be accessible by PC, tablet or mobile phones, anytime, anywhere.  This convenience alone deserves your time to further explore the system.  There is really no difference whether you are using Apple or Windows, Android or iOS.  As long as you can go to the web through the internet or intranet, then you are okay.


Some people may worry about the security concern by blocking the access to the system from outside.  Based on our experience, this will not last for more than a week!  The clear benefit of accessing your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week clearly outweighed the concern.