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Increase Your Cash Flow Using CPAnywhere



11-April-2014 (Friday)


11:00 p.m. to 1:00 pm.


Room 408-409, Fortress Tower, 250 Kings Road, North Point, Hong Kong


Please call Mr. Aki Ho at 2521-3110 or email to for seat reservation


Aki Ho, Consultant


Partners and Managers

We will present to you that you can accomplish the following tasks in just a few minutes, no kidding!


  • Real time billing, anytime, anywhere.
  • Job billing with payment schedule.
  • Quick billing, fast and easy.
  • Client advance and deposit management, automatically apply to invoices and payment.
  • Disbursement receivable management, never miss to get your money back.
  • Trust deposit and payment management, segregation of monies.
  • Easy settlement function for application of deposit, over or underpayment.
  • Printing payment receipts for invoice settlement, advances and trust deposits.
  • Printing client statements.
  • Real time accounts receivable enquiry and alert.
  • Automatic journal entries and instant TB, Balance Sheet and Income Statements.

The objective in this instant billing cycle is to bill anytime, anywhere so that you can get your payment earlier than usual. 

The instant A/R status, invoice and payments display on your mobile phone will further facilitate the collection process. 


After all, cash is king.  We will walk you through the whole process, from job creation, time recording, disbursement, client deposit, settlement, printing invoices and receipts, examining the trial balance and account receivables for accuracy. 


You will find that CPAnywhere is indeed a system that can reduce an extremely complex billing cycle into a user friendly and easy to use system.


Future seminars on CPAnywhere is in planning:


1.       Payroll and Leave Management

Complex payroll calculation on monthly, time based, benefits, deductions, maternity, MPF, late arrival and overtime.  We will explore the various types of leave such as sick leave with pay or without pay, compensating time off, maternity leave, jury duty, education and examination leaves, leave balance accrual and different type of leave benefit for different levels as well as multiple layers of approval steps.

2.       Management of the IRD and other types of letters and correspondence

We will introduce to you the concept of better management of all kinds of letters, replies and extension requests from the IRD as well as other agencies.  The purpose of it is to remind yourself applying for extension when required and to keep track of the status of each letter that is received from the IRD and other authorities.  This system originated from Cheng & Cheng CPA’s complex in house IRD letter management system and we incorporate it to CPAnywhere.

3.       Accounting System Walk-through

We will walk through the whole accounting system from chart of accounts, separate companies, automatic and manual journals, journal entry templates, general journal entries, registers, general ledger, trial balance, balance sheet and income statement presentation.  Here, we are introducing many new concepts of journal entry automation and flexible chart of accounts structure.  Since many companies would like to retain their own general ledger, we will also present the way to export the system generated accounting transactions to the external accounting systems for convenience.  Special attention will be placed on the newly added analysis code and its application.

4.       Audit Program Implementation using Job Code Planning

For CPAs, we live on audit programs.  CPAnywhere can help you incorporate your own audit programs into the predetermined job codes so that for each job, all the required procedures are already incorporated into the work codes and distributed to each staff. For example, when you get an audit assignment of a trading company, you need to do the cash, accounts receivable, inventory, accounts payable and so forth.  We called these Jobs.  For each job there are a number of working procedures that an auditor need to do in order to accomplish the task.  We called those Work Codes.  You can then assign a staff to do the bank confirmation or inventory and the staff would know through the predefined work codes and charge time accordingly.

If you are interested in the above technical seminars for CPAnywhere, please let us know so that we can reserve a space for you in advance. 

These seminars will be small classes since they are technical in nature and problem solving in essence. 

We will invite some advanced CPAnywhere users to share with their experience.