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We have implemented a Global Search panel on the upper left corner of the MBA Dashboard.

Whenever you need to search for some file like customer, employee, jobs… all you need to do is to type a word and the system will search it for you.

We found this function to be very useful especially when we received a phone call from our customers and we want to search it as fast as possible.

However, we still need to input the detail of the contact person onto the Post-it function. Well, no need to do it anymore. We have put in the Post-it buttons right next to the contact persons list. All you need to do is to press that button and every detail will be pasted to the Post-it message. How nice of it!

It is these small things that count. We hope you would like this small function. If you can think of something that makes the system work better, please let us know.

We almost never turn down a request from our users. Afterall, it is the user that counts.