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Utility – CSA Expert

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Training Handout


Handout for CSA Expert user training


Released Date: 17 May 2022

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Chinese font PMingLiu (新細明體)

Install PMingLiu to English Windows 10


Released Date: 3 December 2020




Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC

A new feature to Windows Virtual PC for running older Windows XP applications in Windows 7.


For example, run Windows XP 32-bits applications in a 64-bits Windows 7.


* applicable to Windows 7 Professional and Windows Ultimate (not for Windows 7 Home edition)


* install MS Office 2000 / 2003 in Windows XP mode if you want to run CSA Professional in the XP mode

Data Review


Last Update: 1 August 2013 File Size: 959Kb


This is a utility that help you validate the data before converting them from CSA Professional to CSA Expert, you should run


this utility program to inspect the data in CSA Professional, and to fix all problems found before doing the data conversion.