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Starting from August 1, 2020, we will be sending out email to the first 100 companies to start using C123 beta.  It will take about a month to fully test out the system for the full release in September.

C123 is our new online customer service and technical support system  This software provides a remote connection between clients and our staff at the office or work from home to provide quality service and support.  What you can do with C123?

  1. Create Service Order with details of your problem and screen capture.
  2. Chat with the officer in charge of the service order.
  3. Create private chat group.

To go to C123 for P&L, type or use the QR code in browser.

Tutorial in YouTube Chanel Company123

C123-100 What is C123 and how it works (Cantonese)

C123-101 First Time Login (Cantonese)

C123-102 How to Place an Order (Cantonese)

C123-103 System Setting (Cantonese)

Other Tutorial in Production 

  1. Chat with our officers
  2. Chat among your co-workers
  3. Private chat with your close one
  4. Send screen capture
  5. Using the phone camera to send pictures
  6. Send file to attachment
  7. Setting
  8. Adopting C123 in your business
  9. Input your customers database into C123
  10. Setting up Service Items
  11. Setting up Payment

(For more information, go to