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Kaspersky Killed CSA 卡巴斯基刪掉CSA

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Problem: Cannot run CSA Expert and got a error message of “cannot find CSAPNT.DLL”
問題: 無法執行CSA Expert並收到錯誤訊息“找不到CSAPNT.DLL”

Reason: Anti-virus program Kaspersky has deleted CSA system files.

The problem is Kaspersky mistreated these files as Trojan.  We have already notified this issue to Kaspersky and now waiting their reply.
問題是卡巴斯基將這些文件誤認為木馬程式。 我們已經將此問題通知卡巴斯基,現在正等待他們的回覆。

Quick Solution:

1: Disable Kaspersky

All CSA users must disable Kaspersky.

2: Update CSA

Request a new password to update CSA3.6.2 again.

Link: 連結:

How to fix Kaspersky?

– Add CSA to Exclusions List

According to Kaspersky’s website to add CSAEXP.EXE and CSAPNT.DLL  to the exclusions list.  They are “F:\PNL\CSAEXP”.
(suppose your CSA is saved in drive F)
你可以將”CSAEXP.EXE” 及 ”CSAPNT.DLL” 添加到排除項中。此兩個文檔在”F:\PNL\CSAEXP” 中 (假設你的CSA在磁盤 F)

Reference: 參考:

This settings vary from different versions of Kaspersky.  Please consult your supplier and I.T. for further information.
此設置因卡巴斯基的不同版本而異。 請諮詢你的供應商和技術人員瞭解更多資訊。