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The new mobile app for Android and iPhone is here, although it is still under an ongoing development. It is a very powerful tool to know almost everything happened to your customer, job or employee on a real time basis.


The interface is very intuitive and easy to use.  The system already knows what you want based on your past or existing relationship and present you with the Summaries on the front page.  If you need more, just drill into it and get the detail.  


The app is personal in nature and different from each person.  

Please bear in mind that this is just the beginning of the mobile app development.  The potential is huge.  You can have an option to connect to a CPAnywhere or MBAnywhere system as an employee.


Beta Testing Arrangement


User group members – we will contact you directly and to set up a date for the demonstration. It is more about system security concerns.


CPAnywhere or MBAnywhere users – if you want to be part of the first beta tester, please call Mr. Oscar Lo at 2521-3110.


Other users or CSA users – we will hold a seminar when the final version is completed.  

During this process, we will adopt the opinions from our beta testers to improve to make the system more self-driven.