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It has almost been 2 months since we submitted the mobile App for CPAnywhere to Apple Computer for approval.  Compared to Apple, we got our approval from Google in one day. 


As of now, we are still waiting, so do thousands of other mobile apps.  Out of our experience in dealing with Apple, I come to the conclusion that this company is on the way down.


The first time I dealt with Steve Jobs was when I was doing the tax audit of his new company, NeXT Inc. in 1989.  The company was situated in a small warehouse in Redwood City.  Although it was small but I can see the people who worked there were very energetic. 


Steve Jobs gave me a very large monitor and a nice office to work on for several months of ins and outs to examine the documents and performing the tax audit.  The whole atmosphere was intense but mission oriented even the strong earthquake of 5.0 that shakes the whole warehouse doesn’t disrupt their focus. 


I know their difficulties because I went through the whole 3 years of operating data.  I once told my colleague that they may not survive knowing their poor financial condition.  Little did I know that the large monitor was later used for Pixar animation and NeXT Inc. was later merged with Apple Computer when they invite Steve Jobs back to Apple.  The NeXT operating system was the preview of the popular iOS that made Apple a household name.


The latest episode of purposely delaying the mobile App approval shows their arrogance and ignorance.  When they think they are on top of the world, they are already on the way down! 

Same fate as for Lotus and WordPerfect.  This is totally different from Steve Jobs’ NeXT Inc.’s attitude, to do whatever it takes to survive so that they can bring out Pixar (Toy’s Story series) and the new Apple (iOS). 


All these were the result from that little warehouse that Steve Jobs worked so hard for.  Steve Jobs used to be very arrogant before he got fired by Apple.  But he turns into a humble person and start everything from scratch.  Now, the new Apple bureaucracy is now taking over! 

Sorry, iOS users, you can’t use the iPhone App for now and you can’t blame Steve Jobs for it.