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You can now use the mobile app (Android or iOS) to conduct your business on the Internet if your company is using CPAnywhere.


The Steps:


  1. Call us to upgrade your system with the newest program.  (Each system is unique and separate.)
  2. Download the mobile app from Google or Apple.  Search by “CPANYWHERE”
  3. Input your company ID, name and password.
  4. You are in business!

At present, the app has the following sections:

  1. Alerts
  2. Attendance
  3. Event
  4. Time sheet
  5. Employees
  6. Customer
  7. Job Assignment
  8. Leaves
  9. Approval

Because of the debacle that we had experienced by missing sending out invoices. We were using manual invoicing for CPAnywhere and Network Administrator services, what a shame! 


Especially it is coming in from a CPA and a former tax auditor from the Silicon Valley!  Now, we have finally decided to put that into the CPAnywhere system. 


So, I will be using the mobile app to monitor the issuing of invoices , settlement and printing out receipts.  To make it simpler, I will put the Accounts Receivables in the mobile app and restrict the access to only the authorized person to view.


Future addition to the app depends on user feedback.  We can put the entire ERP system on the app but it runs the risk of exposing important information especially the financial data. However, there is one area which the mobile app is good for, that is communication. 


We asked the question about putting client communication on the mobile app but many beta testers opposed.  Well, we hope you can have a better feel after using the app for a while before further commenting on your “wish list”.




Harry Tsui