CR revised 117 specified forms

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The Companies Registry (“CR”) has revised 117 specified forms for the major purposes of:

  • adopt the Business Registration No. as the Unique Business Identifier (“UBI”) of a company,
  • a new structured format for reporting addresses,
  • revised format for reporting details of shareholders and,
  • addition of fields for reporting of Trust and Company Service Provider’s (TCSP’s) licence number for a company secretary.

Transitional Period:

The implementation date is 27 December 2023. There is a transitional period of 6 months that both old and new forms are accepted, except:

  • NNC1, NNC1G, NNC5, and NN1 have a shorter transitional period of 4 weeks. Only new forms are accepted from 25 January 2024 onwards
  • forms for open-ended funds do not have any transitional period

Arrangement of CSA update:

We will update NNC1, NNC1G, NNC5, and NN1, as well as NAR1 and NN3 in early December 2023. The remaining forms will be released phase by phase in 2024 before the expiry of the said transitional period.


For detailed information, please refer to the following official web pages:

CR’s External Circular 2/2023:
Revision of Specified Forms and Administrative Form for Implementation of Phase 2 of Unique Business Identifier

Revised Forms in Word Format:

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